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Jeff Bronstein, M.D. Ph.D.





Jeff Bronstein received his bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Berkeley and M.D. and Ph.D. from UCLA as a recipient of the Medical Scientist Training Program Award. He completed a residency in Neurology and fellowship training in Movement Disorders at UCLA and at Queens Square in London. Dr. Bronstein also completed a postdoctoral fellowship in molecular biology before being appointed an Assistant Professor of Neurology in 1994 and Director of the Movement Disorders Program in 1996 at UCLA. His clinical interests include the management of Parkinson’s disease (PD) and other movement disorders, surgical treatment of PD, and developing new therapies for patients. Dr. Bronstein’s research interests include the study of the causes of PD (environmental and genetic) with a specific interest in determining how pesticides contribute to the pathogenesis of PD. He also has developed cell and zebrafish models to study the causes of synuclein-induced neurotoxicity and to develop new therapies novel therapies. His research is supported by the NIH, Veteran Administration, and private foundations. Dr. Bronstein is also the Principle Investigator of one of 6 National Parkinson’s Disease Centers (PADRECC) at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in West Los Angeles.

Leo Treciokas, M.D. Ph.D.

Allan Wu, M.D.


Yvette Bordelon, M.D. Ph.D.

Emad Farag, M.D.


Indu Subramanian, M.D.

Carlos Portera-Cailliau, M.D. Ph.D.

Allan Wu, M.D.
Carlos Portera-Cailliau, M.D. Ph.D
Arik Johnson Psy.D

Arik Johnson, Psy.D.

Yvette Bordelon, M.D. Ph.D
Indu Subramanian, M.D.
Emad Farag, M.D.
Leo Treciokas, M.D. Ph.D