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     UCLA first established its Movement Disorder Clinic in the 1960's under the direction of Dr. Charles Markham. The program has grown and developed into a multidisciplinary comprehensive program to address the diversity of needs of both patients and referring physicians. Our team consists of specialists in adult movement disorders, neurobehavior, neurogenetics, stereotactic neurosurgery, and neurorehabilitation to provide state of the art diagnosis and therapy for both adult and pediatric patients with movement disorders. In addition to patient education, medications, physical and occupational therapy, UCLA offers advanced techniques in neuroradiology, PET and functional MRI scanning, as well as deep brain stimulation. Patients with advanced Parkinson’s disease benefit particularly from our geriatric neurobehavior specialists, stereotactic surgery program, and neurorehabilitation. In addition to patient care, clinical and basic science research are also priorities of the Movement Disorder Program. We have established a large team of basic scientists and clinical researchers with the mission to find the cause of the disease and discover novel treatments that will eventually result in a cure. Presently, the UCLA Movement Disorders Program has been awarded four large center grants to meet these goals. These include the Udall Center (National Institute of Health), the PADRECC (the Veterans Administration), and the Center for Gene Environment Interactions (NIH). These centers plus other federally funded programs have enabled us to recruit several world-class researchers to the field. Although these grants will bring in over 17 million dollars over 5 years, much work needs to be done.
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